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We have been using Wiser pretty much since we started using LS. We were satisfied with the search effectiveness initially but we find that it brings up anything but what we are looking for now. Can anyone recommend a better product search for LS eCom? We shut off Wiser for about a week now and we are having mixed result. It seems that the search is looking through the product descriptions which is giving us results. Is it possible to force the search to only search the title? Thanks for any suggestions or help...

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Adrian Acosta


  • MilesbdMilesbd Posts: 16Moderator, Lightspeed Staff moderator

    Hi Adrian, thanks for the question!

    There is a new search app that just made its way to our app store that I would encourage you to check out, as it may suit your needs! The app is called SiteSearch360. I'd encourage you to check it out and see if it meets your needs, as it offers a free trial period currently (following that, you can see the pricing for it here).

    Happy Searching!

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    I couldn't agree more. For an ecommerce site with a huge variety of products, Search is one of the most important things for success. I am confused that LS has not proactively improved this. Like you, I struggle with the fact that eCom search pulls from the descriptions. It returns so many products that are not relevant to the actual search. I get complaints from customers all the time.

    All this said, did you try their suggested search app? If so, did it help and/or give you more control of how search works on your site?

    Lightspeed: is enhancing Search on the roadmap?

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