Auto Save / Draft > Issue

TradingboTradingbo Member Posts: 24

Hi Support,

Have noticed using the Lightspeed Community Forum that the auto-save (draft) functionality when writing posts is making it nearly impossible to finish any post without the browser tab crashing? Seems ok when writing short text content but the second you include a code block or any media it crashes.

Has anybody else noticed this?

Am using a device with 16GB of RAM and rarely come across CPU issues like this.

Even open in a single browser window and fresh cache it's a problem.

Would it be possible to limit how often draft auto-saves are triggered or even add the option for users to turn this functionality off?

I'm happy to backup the content as I go as long as I can finish the darn thing.


P.s the ability to add custom tags to a support post below would also be nice.

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