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sacredheart926sacredheart926 Posts: 18Member

On the homepage DEAL OF THE DAY.

The title continues to have the word undefined before the product title.

How can this be fixed?!?!

and the theme creators never emailed me back.


  • michaelsteelemichaelsteele Posts: 42Member

    Hey there,

    I believe that's intended to show the brand of the product, and since one is not set, it is showing as undefined. I can't be sure, since we didn't make the theme, but that would be my next step. :)

  • JulienDJulienD Posts: 9Member, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff moderator

    Hey @sacredheart926!

    Michael is correct! The theme display the word 'undefined' because you have no brand assigned to this product.

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