Gift Registry Option

sacredheart926sacredheart926 Member Posts: 27

Is there a way to get a gift registry for the website instead of paying more money then I already am to have retail lightspeed ecom? I think it's a little ridiculous to have to pay 600 and then 20 a month from ad vision.



  • elixirelixir Member Posts: 1

    We are facing this same issue. Did you find a good solution?

  • sacredheart926sacredheart926 Member Posts: 27

    nope not yet

  • Kim_SnapKim_Snap Member Posts: 3

    I'm new to this - please forgive me if this idea is nutty.

    Trying to figure out a way to do gift registries and of course LS doesn't have that option.

    WHAT IF we went to inventory counts and created REGISTRY_ NAME_ DATE to set it apart from actual INV counts and scanned the items they wanted? Notes could be made, those lists wouldn't need to be used for inventory, it could be exported to email, printed and customized for customers. Would that work?

  • shoehnshoehn Member Posts: 37

    I would also like this feature

  • EuropeanSplendorEuropeanSplendor Member Posts: 6

    We have been asking for gift registry for years! It would help our retail store TREMENDOUSLY! When will this app ever be available?

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