Zero-ing Line Items and NOT Having Them Deleted off POs

SUMMARY: Please allow line items on purchase orders to be zeroed out WITHOUT deleting them off the PO.

It seems strange to that when you zero an item within a purchase order it deletes the line item completely. This is particularly unnecessary when you consider that if a company over-ships the items that were cancelled (due to existing/carryover inventory/cash flow, etc.) there is no easy inventory fix and/or paper trail. As far as we know the only way to remedy this and correct inventory is then to add the over-shipped (and initially cancelled ) items BACK on the PO, receive them and then do a vendor return to fix inventory.

It would be much more helpful if the items could be left on the purchase order simply with a zero quantity. That seems very applicable as companies make shipping mistakes all the time. Additionally, it would help our business when we might make cancellations off orders and then email the PO to companies - who are then left confused because the line items have been removed completely . For our business, and those we do business with, it helps us to see what items were cancelled off the purchase order as sometimes we are writing these orders 8-10 months ahead of time as preseason orders.

It just seems a redundant work flow to fix inventory when we experience shipping mistakes quite often.

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