Labels amateurish.

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Information on label is not adequate for us! We need items codes on our labels, totally annoying that this it is not possible to change the label layout. Very amateurish.

Dont tell us the solution is to write them in our description, as we are using e-com to, wondering how that would look like?


  • AhmedRachediAhmedRachedi Member, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 35 Lightspeed

    Hi @kklup ,

    It is possible to display Custom SKUs, Manufacturer SKUs & UPCs through the built in Print Templates setting page. You can access this page in Settings>Print Templates (last option at the bottom).

    In the ItemLabel section you can have these item codes show up on labels by changing False to True. The lines you need to modify look like the ones below:

    {% set show_custom_sku = false %}                  {# Display Custom SKU (if available) above Description #}

    {% set show_manufacturer_sku = false %}            {# Display Manufacturer SKU (if available) above Description #}

    {% set show_upc_code = false %}                    {# Display the UPC code at the top of the receipt (using UPC codes in barcode does not work) #}

    Support agents at Lightspeed can help you navigate this section if you need any help.

    If you need even further customization of the label that isn't available on the Print Templates you can reach out to Advision at the link below:

    Advision can go beyond what we can do here at Lightspeed support since they have developers specialized in label customization that goes beyond the available options in Lightspeed.

    Kind regards,

    Ahmed Rachedi

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  • onlinepenguinonlinepenguin Member Posts: 20

    i have been trying to get an answer for over a month on what label printers lightspeed supports. We need "tiny jewelry" labels that would display custom sku and price only. Is that possible? what printer and labels should we buy. I didn't think this would be a difficult question.

  • pmjpmj Member Posts: 12

    I used to use OnSite but have had to switch to LS Retail. The label feature is absolutely horrible in LS Retail. Labels in general. I too am in the jewellery business and received the Zebra printer, its a direct thermal. Who has ever heard of a direct thermal in our industry. Cleaning items will mean replacing the label every time.

    Our store uses a rat tail label and we do not use scanners. This means the label settings are useless. I turn off the barcode and unable to reuse that space for description. Its now just a waste of space.

    Frustrating how the LS homepage even highlights jewellery as a target retail industry that Retail is designed for. Sadly it misses the mark.

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