"Finished" button on workorder

jfgatejfgate Member Posts: 3

Until a couple of days ago labour items on workorders used to have a "finished" button beside them. This would allow us to track if a certain task has been done. Now it says "special order" which was reserved for inventory items. Any ideas as to why this would have changed?



  • ElGeeElGee Member Posts: 11

    You did not answer the question, yes I agree with you, but if labor is a non-inventory item then the finished option is not available. The code writer assumed that labor would be from the button on the screen, I agree but also available on items in the category Labor. The idea of having a labor category is control of description, control cost cost of the service and reduce data entry for the service writer.

    When one service depends on completion of another that maybe outsourced or assigned to a specific employee then it is important to know when this outsource/ assigned service is completed. I have tried the special order for a Labor category item. For outsourcing a service this might be of value. For inhouse service just the finished check would be better.

    I noticed that a Labor category item does not show assignment. If the item is opened the assignment can be seen and changed, but this does not show when the edit is closed.

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  • mamchalemamchale Member Posts: 2

    Did this ever get sorted? I could really use this as well, having a finished checkbox on labour items that are designated as items.

    Would be great to have all our labour items in a category as we use a menu style system. Would make data entry a whole lot faster!

    And give better reports.

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