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I have Lightspeed 2016 1.0.7 installed on a computer that was damaged in a ceiling collapse. This computer is our server for that particular store. I do not have physical access to the computer as it is covered by debris. Fortunately the computer is still on and I'm able to access via VNC. I've created a lightspeed backup and saved to cloud. Purchased a new iMac today and tried to install 2016 1.0.3. The install hangs at the accept user license agreement page. It won't allow me to click "continue". Our support has expired so unable to contact lightspeed directly for help or upgrade to a newer version. I've tried downloading file numerous times with the same result. Any ideas? My only thought is that lightspeed version is not compatible with the new iMac OS which I believe is 10.14.. Any suggestions outside of upgrading license is greatly appreciated. Quick separate question I assume the license key is the same as the serial number located in the lightspeed server preference page? Thanks

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    Hey Mike,

    The version 2016 1.0.7 is not compatible with Mac OS Mojave. If your Maintenance expired after July 20th, 2018 you should be able to upgrade to 2018 3.0.3. This version is functional with Mojave. If your Maintenance expired before this date, then you will need to contact your account manager to renew your Maintenance.

    Or if you have another computer in the store that is running a Mac OS less than Mojave, then you might be able to migrate your Lightspeed server to that computer.

    In addition, the license key is the same as the serial number. You can find it on your server. Migrating the Lightspeed server from one computer to another will require releasing the license key on our end. For that, you could always contact support to release your License key.

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