Credit and Payment via api

mbarth_itsoftmbarth_itsoft Posts: 3Member

Is there a set of method that allow the creation of credit or payments via api.

it appears that to complete a sale a payment needs to be created.

in the documentation the payment calls are only get, post is not available.


Mike B



  • Alex LugoAlex Lugo Posts: 138Administrator, Lightspeed Staff moderator

    Hello @mbarth_itsoft,

    It is not possible to create Credit Account or payments through the API. The sale is consider completed only when it's pay full.

    Alex Lugo
    API Support Specialist
    Lightspeed HQ
  • mbarth_itsoftmbarth_itsoft Posts: 3Member

    Thanks Alex

    is there a way to send the payment through the api?

    I need to be able to close the sale vai api call.


    Mike B

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