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I'm using the Vice theme. In this theme, some products have "exrtra fields" (with dropdowns). This for example to choose a font. Is there any way to add a label or link next to that field, to open a pop-up to be able to see all available fonts ?

Thank you

Also, i'm looking at a solution to be able to upload a picture or logo, when ordering a product

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    Hi @basiel

    Adding extra info, like a popup with the list of fonts next to the custom field would require customization of the product.rain file. You might be able to embed a third party popup/ widget to the content area in the form of an Iframe.

    You can also create a content page and add the list of fonts, then create a link in the content area of the product.

    In regards to uploading files, I recommend having a look at the app store and search for "upload", there is an app that might work for you.

    Hope this helps!

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