Can an API be created for lightspeed retail to integrate with

After trying ecom and shopify for an omni channel experience for my customers it has been a costly disaster for many reasons. I only have myself and a part-time helper to run a growing retail pet supply store so these solutions were just too time intensive and the learning curve was too high as I have a lot of other things to keep up as the owner. I am now going to start using a company called to manage the recurring special orders more efficiently and that means that I will need a way to keep track of the inventory that is in Lightspeed retail. I was very disappointed with using Accumula for the shopify site. It didn't work very well and they kept wanting more money for the monthly subscription, which is just not financially feasible right now. Is there any way to create an API for my unique situation so that the inventory and sales that will be handled by Bottle will be integrated back to Lightspeed and changes in lightspeed (price, count, etc.) will be integrated to Bottle?



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