Tracking In-House Usage of Inventory

  • We have two types of retail for-sale items that will occasionally be used for in-house purposes.
  • Branded clothing for sale. Our staff wears some of our t-shirts so we want to be able to pull some out and "allocate" them for that purpose, and track the costs.
  • We sell bicycles. We will need to sometimes pull sales inventory to repair the bicycle and this isn't billable to a customer.

How can we track this. It's as if we'd like a customer (or several customers) for tracking of usage.

thank you!


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  • andyandy Member Posts: 20

    We have the same needs. We just created a customer account named after the business with an automatic 100% discount applied. Whatever we use for staff, or consumables in the workshop just get run through that account and we have an accurate measure of all the costs. If you need to separate stuff more, say between 2 workshops, just duplicate the process.

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