Adding custom code to Payment success page!

TarinTarin Member Posts: 1

I really need some help here guys.

I am trying to track my affiliates but need to embed a custom code on our thank you/payment success page but do not see where or how to do this through light speed?

Does anyone know who can assist or if this is even possible with lightspeed?


  • sinansinan Member, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 8 moderator

    Hi Tarin!

    You can navigate to Settings > Web Extras > Tracking to add custom code to your eCom Thank You page, and switch the Status toggle on. Code entered here will only run in the Thank You page that your customers see upon a successful checkout.

  • PhilipfrPhilipfr Member Posts: 213 ✭


    Did you get this working?

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