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We have demo bikes and rentals that we want to keep track of in the system. We want the bikes in inventory but not show up on ecom or when we sync to smartetailing.


  • VincerVincer Member Posts: 1

    Chris, Did you ever get help on this?

    In my experience, you would need to create a new item for your demo/rental bikes. Don't use the manufacturer's part number or UPC (at least not in the fields that Smartetailing uses to sync product to their library).

    This should prevent the items from syncing and showing up on your Smartetailing site.

  • VanessaDVanessaD Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 712 moderator

    Hey @Chris Samson !

    This is a great tip from @Vincer for SmartEtailing! As far as the publish to eCom, you could simply uncheck the Publish to eCom button available in each inventory item.

    So if you were to create that item that Vincer had suggested, you could uncheck this and then both SmartEtailing and eCom won't be getting your new item's information. This will help you keep it for demos, as you wanted!

    Hope this helps!


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