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Hello Support Team,

We would need some help with our Restaurant POS system.

We want to pass the custom field "Tip, Discount" through the API and display it in the bill that is generated through the POS.

Currently, when we are integrating the "Tip" field through the API we get the below error.

Could not read documents Unrecognized field "tip" (4 known properties: "amount", "id", "", ""])

Please find below an example of what fields need to be displayed on the bill when going through the POS system. 

Can you please assist with this at the earliest?


# Item  Price

1 Drink  20$

2 Burger 15$


Subtotal: 35$

Tip:        5$

Discount: 10$

TOTAL:  30$

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    Hello Team,

    Any update on it?

    Can you please assist with this at the earliest?

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    Hello @nayan7030,

    It's not possible to apply a tip directly to an order via the API. Often what customers do is use a service charge product, or add a note with the tip amount which then gets added to the receipt manually.

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    Hi Alex,

    Thank you for your email.

    We will implement the requested function as a note at the bottom of the receipt, however this is currently shown at the top of the receipt and we would need to get this at the bottom of the receipt.

    The total amount in the bill will be including the tip amount.

    Please check the attached screenshots for our reference.

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    I hope you understood my question as per the above screenshots.

    So, Please do the needful ASAP.

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