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Marcus AnearMarcus Anear Member Posts: 2

Finding it really difficult to get an idea of what features come in the iPad version of the Lightspeed software.

Can we do inventory management on it as well as invoices and order taking? (like the store master app can) or does it only have a POS type system like the iPhone app a few years ago?

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  • Heather_MHeather_M Member, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 8 moderator

    Hello Marcus,

    The iPad app for Lightspeed Onsite is strictly a POS Mode application meaning you can run sales, check old invoices and look up products and their information only.

    Managing base documents (Orders, Quotes, SRO), inventory management and other admin tasks are all done through the storemaster mode and that is only available on the computer app.

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    Lightspeed HQ


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