Passing data from Retail to eCom on Webhook events

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I'm using the eCom API's webhooks to pass product data to an external service. I understand that there is a link between Retail and eCom, and this is reflected in the Webhooks but it is very limited. For example, I can't even seem to access basic Retail information about a product like quantity in stock through eCom Webhooks... I have also looked for a way to get a product's Retail ID and access the needed information directly, upon the webhook event from eCom firing. However, I cannot find such an ID in the webhook payload which would enable me to do that.

How do you recommend I solve this problem?

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  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 901 

    It sounds like you have stumbled upon a need that's been echoed by a few customers. Lightspeed Retail needs webhooks.

    Without this mechanism you'd have to delve into the Lightspeed Retail API, based on the data that the Lightspeed E-Com webhook has pushed. Although based on what you're saying, the E-Com webhook isn't providing record keys that Retail would need (e.g. - the ItemID)?

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