Items in receipt have the same id

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I ran into this for the first time today where a receipt had multiple line items, two of which shared the same id field. Is this field not unique for a given receipt or is this just bad data? If it's indeed not unique - how can I uniquely identify a line item on a receipt?

The receipt data came from a test merchant I was given by the Lightspeed team that's on a production server. I haven't been able to repro this myself with other test merchants in the staging environment.

I'm making a call to /rest/financial/receipt?receiptId=XXXXXXXX

The result I'm getting has a receipt with a bunch of "items". The first item is an actual product with "id" 1, the next item is a discount with "id" 1, and the rest of the items are all discounts as well with incrementing ids.

Can provide the company id + server + receipt id upon request by Lightspeed admin.


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