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WestsideBicycleWestsideBicycle Posts: 2Member

anyone else having issues with poor customer service after they are paid?

Anyone having issues of compatible items not being compatible?

Anyone have a manager phone # or extension? I was told that supervisors are not set up to use the phone.


  • HeatherHeather Posts: 30Administrator, Lightspeed Staff moderator

    Hello @WestsideBicycle,

    We're sorry to hear that your customer service experience has been anything less than positive! I've sent your message to our Customer Success team. Someone will reach out to you soon to help get this sorted out.

    Have a great day,


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  • WestsideBicycleWestsideBicycle Posts: 2Member

    It’s ok. I have been told customer success will reach out 2 weeks ago, today in 10 minutes and a couple other times. They are not very successful.

  • HeatherHeather Posts: 30Administrator, Lightspeed Staff moderator


    Thanks for your additional feedback. I've passed this on to the team as it's not the experience we want for our customers.

    My colleague is looking at your file now and it shouldn't be too long before you get a call.

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  • amylemoamylemo Posts: 2Member

    Honestly, I have had the same experience. I get hounded (its really bad) when there is something for Lightspeed to sell to me ...and then basically ignored when there is an issue after the sale.

    Example: when I signed up for loyalty, I had an issue with a function. I used the chat function to try to get help. I guy told me that Lightspeed Loyalty probably was not going to work out for me! I then called and spoke to a very nice lady who took a few minutes to research the issue. She found a solution!

    I really like Lightspeed POS. It is working great for my store. The customer service could use some major work though.

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