Conditional Additional Shipping Charges - How to?

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I am trying to add conditional additional shipping charge based on the selected shipping option.

I have already changed the shipping charge calculation based on price range from the help of this guide -

My system is omnichannel Lightspeed system.

So, what I want to achieve is that to add additional shipping charge for some products if the Store Pickup option for shipping is not selected.

I tried to do that with the Lightspeeds default additional charge option. But the system does not allow any condition on it by default.

So I thought using the eCom checkout API to make the condition works. But as the checkout API allows updating data after a checkout is complete, that was a dead end.

Then I tried to add additional product to the cart based on the selected shipping option and already added cart item by the API. The problem with this approach is the omnichannel does not allow to set the product price on ecom system rather than Retail system.

I am really stuck with it. Could anyone please help me out with a solution? That would be really appreciated.

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