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I assistance with passing data after each sale is made into a 3rd party reputation marketing system: Broadly.

Data needed would be:

  1. Customer First Name
  2. Customer Email
  3. Customer Cell Phone
  4. Store Location Whether That Be An ID of some sort

Below is a message from Broadly:

As some background information for integration process, below are the two most common options:

  1. If your team is able to send information to a web hook, and there is a consistent trigger that indicates a transaction is complete. The information to be passed over would simply be customer's name, email and phone number (preferably mobile. We accept POST, PUT, or GET, but for this web hook, we would advise using POST. The Zapier Web hook accepts Content-Type application/json.
  2. We also have a Partner API that we can make available to you which would be very similar to the above information. Information like location, transaction identifier, customer contact information etc would eb the date format we would receive to correspondingly followup with the end customer.

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