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I am looking at adding Avero as a reporting solution since Lightspeed seems to be very limited in the reporting area.

My hesitation is they rely on the API.

Here are some questions I have:

(1) I asked them if I could import Historical Data into the system. I was told the only limitation was the API from Lightspeed. So does the API allow Avero to pull Historical Data, and is there any limitation on the type of historical data that can be pulled? How much can be pulled

(2) Is there any limitation on the Data that can be pulled daily (ie - category limitations, item limitations, tips, ticket numbers, Tickets Times (open / Close times) etc..) I ask because they are telling what they can pull is soley on the API.

i do not want to get into a product to find out it is severely limited due to the what the API is providing.


  • picataggiopicataggio Member Posts: 4

    I take it by the lack of response and the support department not willing to tell us anything that you do not support your own API and will just leave your reporting very insufficient.

  • Michael CareyMichael Carey Administrator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 68 moderator


    There aren't any limitations surrounding the amount of receipt data you can pull. The limitations specify how much data an integration can pull in a single request, but this is simply means the partner (in this case, Avero), needs to send multiple requests to pull additional data. Generally speaking, the end user should not see an impact.

    On a daily basis, again there aren't any limitations on what can be pulled. We only limit how much data can be queried in a single request and how fast the data can be pulled.

    Does Avero offer a trial? That would be the best way to determine if the integration meets your needs.


    Michael Carey

    Product Manager
    Lightspeed HQ
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