Loyalty & POS don't speak to each other

SouthernDrawlSouthernDrawl Posts: 1Member

The beauty of this loyalty program is that its fast and easy. We don't need to hold up the line taking all of the customers info because they do it themselves. This also makes the customer feel more comfortable and secure.

Turns out that's not really the case:

Here is the issue. The loyalty program does not speak to POS. The info entered by the customer through the link goes directly to the loyalty program. It never populates into the POS customer field. This is so counter productive and kills the speed and privacy advantages of the program.

If a new customer wants to sign up I hit "New" add their first and last name. I then hit "attach to sale" and then in the sale screen hit the loyalty button. I then enter their # and send them the text with the link. The customer then fills out all of their info and completes the process. NONE of the info the customer enters is updated in POS. It all goes to the loyalty program. There is no way for me to see the info they entered in the POS program. All of the customers info goes into the loyalty program.

There is apparently no way for the two systems to speak.

The solution should be that the information populates in both systems. The customer info should update any time changes are made. If you can keep track of the points in both systems you should be able to see all of the same customer info.

This is a big issue and needs to be addressed.


  • amylemoamylemo Posts: 2Member

    I absolutely agree. It is a VERY bulky task... I have to enter the customer's name and phone number on the POS side, and write the phone number, so that I do not have to ask for the phone number again for them to join loyalty.

    The POS and Loyalty fields should sync.

  • Brandon_LillyBrandon_Lilly Posts: 2Member

    Sadly, we'll probably be cancelling Loyalty when the contract is up simply because it's a barely functional shell. It would be nice if Lightspeed would make the bare minimum adjustments to make it even slightly useful but at this point it's not.

  • efrancefranc Posts: 2Member

    This is my first time on here - relatively new to Retail - was on Onsite for 5 years. I paid for Loyalty but haven't started with it - been struggling to get all of my data right from the migration from Onsite.

    You're saying that Loyalty isn't actually integrated with the POS!?! How does that make any sense?

    Does LS have a rep that responds to these topics?

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