timeDone field in Workorder?

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In the API docs (https://developers.lightspeedhq.com/retail/endpoints/Workorder/), Workorder is shown to have a field called timeDone, which is the Date/Time that the Workorder is finished. However, when I perform a GET request on against the Workorder endpoint, this element is not loaded on any work orders. How do I get the timeDone field to send in my work orders?

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    Yep, same outcome when I tried this API call against a Workorder that shows Done & Paid in the front-end UI.

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    Hey @Ann thank you for pointing this out! We're having an overhaul of our documentation and this will be something that will be changed!

    An alternative you have is to use the timeStamp field since when a workorder is done and paid for then grab the timestamp for that.

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