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My idea here has been bubbling for a while and it's hard to know how (if even possible) to get ideas heard or who to direct them to, let alone will anyone listen and develop the idea if it's a good one?

The idea is that the need for the SRO document and the Order document could be combined.

I run a bicycle retail store with a busy service & repair department and we make fantastic use of the SRO module for booking in and running repairs through our workshop. We use the SRO document, and then progress that through to an Order so we can reserve or request inventory. However, the time involved with moving through essential steps of processing these two important documents (noting of Repair in Problem Description, Model Checked In, Warranty, Additional Items etc. and then noting Work in Work Performed) and keeping the two documents manually synchronised is nothing short of a waste of time. Surely these two documents could be combined into one with the two SRO specific tabs (Repair & Work) possibly positioned over to the right of the Order document? We all understand that Quote, Order, Invoice have identical tabs and only the SRO differs. Designing a way to combine SRO & Order and then those tabs (Repair & Work) also appear on the Invoice too would really be helpful in my business, especially at checkout or when looking back at customers' history.

Perhaps this is already an idea that Lightspeed OnSite Developers are working on with a view to streamline our operations—which is why we use electronic POS after all, isn't it?

I would be delighted to hear from any of the OnSite development team who might be able to feedback on this idea or any other forum users who also find they spend time they needn't with regard to these two essential documents.



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