Purchase Order Email Return Address

R_WadeR_Wade Member Posts: 3

When using Inventory> Purchase Orders> Email, a sent email has [email protected] as the return address. It appears that the From Email Address field is not being loaded.


  • R_WadeR_Wade Member Posts: 3

    A return address is important. Vendors need to be able to reply with confirmations and questions.

  • Tim_BlackTim_Black Member Posts: 3

    In store settings you can go to General - Shop Setup - and then choose your store to edit. We have multiple stores and mulitple buyers so one email address is not always the best. You can also add in your email in the from box of a PO if you are emailing directly to the vendor contact. Depending on the rep and their reliability I will email myself the PO and then forward it on them to make sure they received it. I would love to see where you can add to emails to the to field so I can send one to my rep and one to me for my tracking.

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