Additional API Key / Access Token Request

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We need an additional Access Token to setup an API connection to another account, however we want the User Name associated with the Access Token to be a different than the admin account - so that we can identify in the inventory logs where inventory is attributed to.

We know it is possible to assign tokens to different user names, but how can we request this? Can you help us here, or should we go through our account rep?


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    Hello @Ben,

    The access token is assigned by the person authorizing the integration, this can't be modified, your integration will need to be authorized by the correct person at the moment the access token is created.

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    Is the authorization assigned by what is entered under "Client Name" on the form? User login? Something else?

  • BenBen Member Posts: 3

    See below for authorization form - What name is assigned to the access token? What is entered under API Client details name or what is entered under Contact Person?

    API Client Details

    Name *

    Something users will recognize and trust

    Website *

    The full URL to your application homepage. Include scheme (e.g. 'https://')

    Redirect URI *

    Location that users will be redirected to after granting permission to your application. Include scheme (e.g. 'https://')

    Contact Person

    Name *

    Email *


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    Hi @Ben , If you take a look at the article here: it outlines the process of authorizing your client on different accounts. The user that is logged in and authorizes your client (as seen in the 'Request a Temporary Token' section of this documentation) will be what dictates the username associated with the token. This access token will also have the same permissions as the user who authorized it. Even more details can be found here:

    API Support
    Lightspeed HQ
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