Negative Inventory Sales Reporting

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Quick question. We enabled this feature, so now items that were physically transferred but not fully transferred/received in Lightspeed Retail are handled more conventionally. My question involves how reporting should work versus how reporting does reflect things.

I'll paste a screen shot below. An item that sold at a shop other than what Lightspeed had the on-hand listed at. Due to it not being transferred in the system. Our Short North shop shows -1 QoH, while our MXC shop shows 1 QoH. Shouldn't reporting net these out to show a sum total of 0 QoH? I would assume that either the Lightspeed Analytics reports or the canned Lightspeed Retail reports would just foot out the totals between all shops combined, correct? The Lightspeed Analytics report does break out the shops with the multi-store array option, but even then it doesn't appear correctly.

With the option to allow negative inventory sales, did all of the affected reports receive updates to handle things? I know we can run the Lightspeed Retail canned Negative Inventory report, and then transfer stock to properly zero things out. But until we do it appears as if reporting will be incorrect.


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    Pinging this again. It would seem that reporting should be logical enough. -1+1=0 🧐

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 906 
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    Lol. Feel your pain @gregarican 😢

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    Hey @gregarican

    You're absolutely right, and the good news is that you'll get that net total 0 for QOH if you uncheck the Search option called "In Stock Only" and then click Search.

    The "In Stock Only" filters the report to only show products with a QOH of 1 or more.

    Please let us know if you've got any more questions around this or suggestions (and we'll try to get back to you ASAP!)



    Asako Ide
    Product Manager II - Retail Inventory
    Lightspeed HQ
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    Thanks for the reply. Now I get it, in terms of the search option. But there are various reports aside from product searches. So this option is present in Lightspeed Analytics and other canned Lightspeed Retail reports?

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