How do we integrate a new equipment?Till Replacement unit.

fourcfourc Member Posts: 2

We have a machine that accepts cash and coin from the customer and dispenses cash and coin as change back to the customer. We would like to speak to someone at Lightspeed about integrating the unit into the Lightspeed POS.

You can see it in operation here:

We see no available API to integrate this unit in the API documentation provided by Lightspeed.

What we require:

1) that when a sale is being made and the Cash button is pressed the Lightspeed POS advise our Cashy unit to collect the amount.

2) That when the Cashy unit collects the amount the Lightspeed POS database store the amount paid and then produce the sales receipt

3) That the Lightspeed interface allow for the transaction to be cancelled and that it send the Cashy unit a cancellation request and await a cancellation confirmation from the Cashy unit.

Note that this does NOT require PCI compliance.

HOw can we receive assistance with this request?

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