Easy Post - who's using it?

And more importantly, how do you get it to actually WORK CORRECTLY?


  • SubspaceBoiseSubspaceBoise Member Posts: 11
    Did you ever get it working? We only use EasyPost to get shipping cost at checkout for our international orders. There doesn't seem to be an option to include insurance though. We use another shipping platform to manually generate the actual shipping label--it isn't integrated with Lightspeed yet (ShippingEasy). That way we can review everything before committing to a label, and that's probably a good thing. So, we don't have any experience with EasyPost and labels - just price lookup.
  • DrumShopMgrDrumShopMgr Member Posts: 1
    We initially started using EasyPost, and honestly it was a pain to get going.  Afterwards we decided to handle everything with "Flat Rate" shipping, due to the lack of insurance options with EasyPost.  Our products are valued quite highly, and we will NOT ship with out the added protection that shipping insurance affords.  
  • agscanadaagscanada Member Posts: 37 ✭
    We use EasyPost to fetch the rates but then manually ship orders using whatever shipping software is available from the courier/shipping company.
    Recently switched to ShipStation but only use them for the rates as well. We do not process our orders through ShipStation. It really added another step we did not want to do
  • silverinthecitysilverinthecity Member Posts: 4
    We've not had an issuing using Easypost with eCom.  We use Shipstation for our "Free Shipping" orders, but we didn't like the Beta integration of Shipstation - exported orders to shipstation, creating an extra step or three - whereas with Easypost we can print labels directly from the orders section of eCom.  
  • SubspaceBoiseSubspaceBoise Member Posts: 11
    We offer flat rate domestic shipping but also use EasyPost for international rate lookups and then manually generate labels in another system--ShippingEasy (we like to manually intervene and verify everything first, anyway). Thought about trying ShipStation for same purpose, but EasyPost works well for the lookup part. We just need to be careful not to print the EasyPost label from eCom!
  • AbbasAbbas Member Posts: 54
    Our ecom store is based in the UK and we have royal mail / UPS setup. We have only successfully been able to print a label on 2 occasions out of over 30 attempts. It consistently fails with royal mail and is a shame that it does as it would really improve our workflow and save a huge amount of time. Something interesting that I discovered was with one of our US customers. When I did a check for the cost from the UPS portal for cost of shipping it would have been £40 more expensive booking it in manually for the same item with all the same values. I will like Easy Post once it works )If Ever)

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