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I just switched over to Lightspeed Retail from Quickbooks POS. I am however still using Quickbooks for paying bills/accounting etc. I'm having lot of trouble getting what I need over to my QBs. Does anyone else use QBs for their accounting? If so have you figured out any tips and tricks? Thanks!

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    Hi Mreiley!

    Many Lightspeed users use QBs for accounting. Some of them export the files and import manually on QBs (just for the QBs desktop version). Others use Lightspeed Accounting, that does the automatic integration between Lightspeed Retail and QuickBooks (desktop and online versions). You can sync purchase orders as bill:

    "You will eventually convert your purchase orders into bills in your accounting software, and you have the option to sync as bill directly to skip that step. The option remains to sync as PO should you wish to make edits to the PO prior to converting it to a bill. Purchase orders are synced when they are marked as Finished."

    Lightspeed Accounting can sync the COGS but will not sync inventory details.

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