Cash Transactions Issues

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Would like to find out if we can get the cash drawer to open during a cash transaction when the customer requests an email receipt or writes a check. To place cash/checks in the drawer now is to choose "print receipt" after a customer requests the email.
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  • JLC1990JLC1990 Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 29 moderator
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    Hey Sam,

    In regards to your questions, there is no direct way to open the drawer from within the sales screen, but you do have other options to open the drawer without the receipt printing. If you go to Sales, and then go to Add or the Drop function, and there is an Open Drawer Button there. It is quick to access and would achieve what you are looking for. The only other option would be to manually open it with the key.


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  • GAMartinGAMartin Member Posts: 11
    The drawer opening is directly tied to the receipt printing. You will notice the wire from the cash drawer plugs into the printer. There is no way to separate that. This is why the drawer always pop open even for a credit card sale. We got tired of that and just use the key to open the drawer when necessary.
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  • DavidHenryDavidHenry Member Posts: 3
    Has this issue been resolved? I would like for the cash drawer to open only on a cash sales. I have implemented other POS where this is possible even with the cash drawer connected through the receipt printer. (This is the same setup as many other POS)

    It would be great if the cash drawer opened only on a cash transaction.
  • lancemuzlancemuz Member Posts: 5

    I agree it would be nice to only have the drawer pop for cash transactions. The problem is that I don't believe it is possible to communicate the tender type to the printer and have it decide to pop or not. It's either pop for all receipt prints or none. I like the idea of leaving the key inside the lock so that employees can simply open as needed.

  • bathjunkiehoustonbathjunkiehouston Member Posts: 2

    If you go under settings, setup and printing - the last option (at least for ipad which is what we use) is to open cash drawer on cash sales only, never or always.

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