Multistore setup between OnSite and eCom

Tuomo SaarniTuomo Saarni Member Posts: 8

We have been discussing with Lightspeed about getting eCom to read invetories of each store in multistore setup, but we were suggested to switch OnSite to Retail. But even Retail doesn't support this and after demoing we really didn't see the point in switching to even worse. It is quite amazing that eCom can read only one inventory.

This leaves us two choices. Either we solve the problem ourselves or we give up Lightspeed. Now the help so far from lightspeed has been only the advice that it cannot be done, but I was wondering that maybe there's other Lightspeed users with the same problem.

Does Onsite API have the info where a product is physically in multistore setup? I can see it easily in POS, but cannot find the info even from the reports. I read the API which btw are lagging behind the by a year now, but didn't find anything. Anybody used this info?

If the location can be found we could import the info into the eCom so the customer could not only see the how many products we actually have but also how many products each store has. At the moment we have three stores but online we are selling only products from one store due to this handicap in Lightspeed.

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