VAT on eCom orders confusing

agscanadaagscanada Member Posts: 44 ✭
It may seem like a small detail but we are getting lots of customers calling us and inquiring why their online orders show VAT.
As we are based in Canada very few customers know that VAT is more of a European term for taxes on their orders.
Any way this can be changed to just read GST or tax for our provinces?


  • kdelahuntkdelahunt Lightspeed Staff Posts: 4 Lightspeed
    Hi there @agscanada

    Thank you very much for your question about online orders displaying the word VAT instead of the term tax.

    It is possible to change mentions of VAT that appear on your website, for example in your checkout through the use of the translations feature in Lightspeed eCom.

    To use this feature, from the left-hand menu of the Back Office, click Content > Translations > Override Translation. Search for the phrase you want to translate as it appears on the site. When you find it, click Create. Enter the new content you would prefer to display for each of your site's languages and click Save.

    Read: Modifying and adding translations for more information.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to call or request a call back here .
    Kevin Delahunt
    eCommerce Support Technician
  • agscanadaagscanada Member Posts: 44 ✭
    Thank you for the quick response. We will give this a try today.
  • agscanadaagscanada Member Posts: 44 ✭
    Seems to fix it up! Thanks @kdelahunt
  • UrbanArcheryUrbanArchery Member Posts: 4

    Finding that adding

    "Subtotal excl. VAT"

    to the translations to

    "Subtotal excl. GST"

    doesn't seem to be working on the cart page. Any ideas?

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