Is the "updated" webhook always thrown when "created" is thrown?

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Currently, we have webhooks for both created and modified/updated. This, of course, because we do not want to miss any created/altered entities.

Now we've made some improvements on our webhook handling, and I found that whenever I created an order or invoice, I received both the created and modified webhook.

My question: is my assumption correct when I say that whenever ANY entity is created, the modified webhook is ALWAYS triggered as well?

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    Hi @Eelco , great question. When an Order is created, identical 'created' and 'updated' webhooks are sent, so you needn't monitor both. This is also true of most other types, namely: Shipment, Invoice, Product, and Quote. However, Customer, Ticket, Subscriber, and Contact do not send additional 'updated' requests upon creation.

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