TextExpander - great tool to use with Work Orders

dougfastfixdougfastfix Member Posts: 21 ✭

Use Work Orders a lot?  Then try TextExpander.  https://textexpander.com/

It only costs about $4 a month.

With it you can build simple intake forms for Work Orders. We also use it on Purchase Orders.

There is a Windows and Mac application. And also a Chrome Extension.

Two screenshots.

1) our ring repair intake

2) a list of current jobs in the store, notice the detail and consistency


  • rishirishi Member Posts: 27

    Interesting. Could you give us some more example of how you use this in your workflows and with purchase orders.

  • dougfastfixdougfastfix Member Posts: 21 ✭

    Rishi - happy to.

    We built intake forms using TE for each major item type we take in .

    Watches, chains, rings, etc.

    See attached screenshot


    I am happy to jump on a quick web share if you want to see this life.



  • SBGSBG Member Posts: 8

    Well this is certainly interesting.

  • SHALL1898SHALL1898 Member Posts: 1

    Doug -- This is potentially LIFE CHANGING for us. :) Is it possible to point me to how you built the drop downs in TextExpander?

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