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agscanadaagscanada Member Posts: 44 ✭

Is there a specific area to discuss Loyalty program?

Is there any way to edit a customers email in Loyalty?


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  • Brandon_LillyBrandon_Lilly Member Posts: 2

    If there's a place to discuss it I'd love to make my voice heard. Sadly the Loyalty program is a barely functional shell. At minimum it needs to actually talk to the POS system (Linking names and contact info perhaps?).

    Editing customers can be done, it's just not intuitive. Go to Customers > Manage Customers and then double click on the data (first and last name) you need to edit.

    Sadly, unless Lightspeed can make the required adjustments we'll probably have to cancel after our agreement is up. It's missing all the basic functionality any loyalty program needs to have.

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