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Has anyone discovered a work around for tracking when you need to reorder an entire box after you break it down to the individual items? We are a grooming shop and we sell dog bones that come in large dispenser boxes so once it's open they sell individually but Lightspeed does not have an auto trigger to reorder a whole bulk box item. The help desk suggested once the individual items fall below the desired inventory marker that we manually enter the reorder on the bulk item.

Suggestions anyone?


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    I'm leaving this comment so many months later since I just had to tackle this problem myself and someone else may find this useful (or not). This is what we have come up with. It's not perfect and always requires some manual intervention. First all of our items are named so that the single item and the box item will always show up together on a list of items if that list is sorted alphabetically. We accomplished this by using the naming convention:

    Single Item Name

    Single Item Name - Box

    Then we set both the reorder point and the reorder level on the box item to 1. On the single item we set the reorder point to 1/2 of the quantity that comes in the box and the reorder level to the number of items that comes in the box + the 1/2. Example: Item A comes 12 to a box, then our order point is 6 and our order level is 18. The box item will show up on the PO with an auto import when we reach 1 or less, but it only needs to be ordered if the single item is also on the PO. If the box items shows up with no single item it is simply deleted from the order, when they do show up together then the single item is deleted and the box is left to be ordered. Obviously you are free to set your order levels and order points to whatever your own business needs are.

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