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antoineLantoineL Member Posts: 7


How long is it to hear back from Lightspeed approximately after you submit a partner request?

I didn't even receive a confirmation email, is that normal?



  • aasolutionsaasolutions Member Posts: 2

    @antoineL have you heard back from anyone?

  • brentgbrentg Member Posts: 6

    Curious if you ever heard back. I submitted some time ago and never heard back either.

  • antoineLantoineL Member Posts: 7


  • HeatherHeather Administrator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 106 moderator

    Hello everyone,

    We sincerely apologize for any delay or lack of response. Our Partnerships team receives a high volume of applications on a regular basis so they've only been able to reach out to those who are a good fit for our current partner landscape. We're setting up an automated system to ensure that, in future, all applicants receive a confirmation email indicating next steps.

    Lightspeed offers an open API, which means that integrations can be built without speaking with our Partnerships team, if this applies to you and your business.

    I hope this helps.



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