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We are struggling with the fact that the customer data between retail and eCom is not shared. Customers that think they changed their address or phone # on ecom is not reflected in retail. When a customer is entitled to a discount in retail, that information is not shared or available in eCom. Customers are obviously central to everything we do and this lack of capability makes us look pretty bad.

Are others experiencing the same thing and what work around do you use?

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  • Gabriel GivensGabriel Givens Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 19 moderator

    Unfortunately at this time, the customer data shared between Lightspeed Retail and Lightspeed eCom is very limited. And usually it's one way, going from eCom to Retail only. We welcome your feature request. You can submit one by visiting This page is actively monitored by a member of support and a product manager and a sales engineer.

    However as an alternative, what you can do is if you have a customer you wish to always get a discount when they purchase, you could create a promo code specific for them that they can always enter at checkout. I don't know if you can set customers in eCom to apply a promo code automatically though. This is something I would contact eCom support about. They can be reached through the help center: and clicking eCom, then clicking "Submit a Request" at the top.

    You can also give us a call by calling 866-932-1801 x2, then x3 (North America)

    Have a wonderful day!
    Gabriel Givens
    Senior Frontline Support
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