Lightspeed POS connected to Shopify Ecom Sales Tax Differences

benclarkbenclark Member Posts: 1

We are using Lightspeed POS, and recently had modern retail build an integration to the shopify e-commerce store. Lightspeed charges sales tax based on the store location. Shopify does the same thing, however in Tennessee sales tax must be charged on shipping as well, thus the total sales amount is different than what it would’ve been in the store. This is causing Lightspeed to reject the order information. In addition, if we ship products out of state there is no sales tax paid, another source of differences with the store location. I’m sure this problem has been solved before, and any advice on how to do it?

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  • newmzw8newmzw8 Member Posts: 4

    Hey Ben --

    I'm a Nashville-based developer who has solved this issue for a few retailers in the area.

    I know your post was from a while ago, but feel free to shoot me an email if it's something you're still trying to solve for: [email protected]

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