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Is there a way to just add a single product to a printer template instead of an entire category? Our problem is that most of our desserts are prepackaged and in a grab and go section of the store so they don’t need printed. The exception is two different items in the desserts category we make to order and I just need them printed on the kitchen ticket

i do not see this option in either the printer template settings or the product settings. I can only add whole categories

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    Hi Colin,

    At the moment, you can only link a whole category to a printer template, not individual products.

    What you could do to achieve this is to separate your Dessert category in two; one with the items you want to print to the kitchen and one with the items you do not want to print to the kitchen. You then set these 2 categories as invisible, and you create a Shortcut category including the items of both categories. If you set the two regular categories as invisible, you will not see them from the POS app, only the shortcut category.

    Here is more information on regular category vs shortcut category available on our help desk center if you need;

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