Reports showing 0 sales for more than a week now

Hi All,

We are having problem with our Reports showing 0 (zero) sales since 07/28/2019, upon investigation I found out that there are 5 (five) "In-Progress"receipt on 07/27/2019 on one of the User, when I checked the "Open Receipts" it shows nothing and all the possible places where it matters.

If anyone encounter & resolved this issue, I would appreciate your kind assistance.

We cannot print out End of Month report and the Acctg. Dept is quite yelling already 😑


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  • CatherineCatherine Member, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 29 Lightspeed

    Hello Sir,

    This kind of issue would require more details and investigation.

    To allow fast resolution and receive immediate technical support assistance, I would suggest calling directly our 24/7 phone technical support line or send an email to our technical support department at [email protected]

    Warm regards,

    Catherine Desgroseilliers

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