Looking for Custom API Developer or other Solution

Quick Summary: I need someone who can design a custom API or provide another solution to automatically change the customer type of many customers on a daily basis

Still interested? Here is the whole story. Our company, Vape & Smoke, offers a paid membership to our customers, called a "Black Card Membership", which provides them with discounts on products. We do this using customer types, and setting discounts so that customers of a certain type get discounts automatically. However, there is currently no way to automatically move these customers back to the free customer type, called "Loyalty". We currently use intergration between Appcard and Lightspeed, however the issue seems to be on Lightspeeds side, and Appcard can not change the customers type on Lightspeed. We currently have a custom note section where we can set an expiration date for each customer, but it is not linked to anything meaningful.

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