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Hey everyone,

Curious to hear what accounting/employee payroll software everyone is utilizing?


  • BulldogBulldog Member Posts: 3
    We have not yet arrived at any one accounting software that will adequately integrate with Lightspeed POS. We put most detail in Excel, and use Medlin Payroll and Medlin Accounting for basic accounting. While we would like to find a more comprehensive accounting solution, we have things that don't fit into any currently available accounting options, such as our use of a separate gift card and rewards program that are not part of the Lightspeed offerings. We try to review options for accounting every year to be sure we are still using the best solutions for our retail store.
  • agscanadaagscanada Member Posts: 38 ✭
    Thanks for the reply!

    We are currently using Sage Business Vision.
    Its a solid platform with inventory management and payroll features but we are essentially just redoing the orders we process in Lightspeed and entering them into Business Vision.
    Obviously not as streamlined as we would like but it does allow me to keep a closer eye on inventory and the orders we do.

    Really hoping some great integrations are coming to Lightspeed soon.
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