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Is it possible to disable the "quick cash"/ instant finalizing of a bill without selecting a payment method? We are having a problem with employees mistakenly hitting finalize then running it as a credit card transaction as well so our days end total is getting screwed up. I've tried time and time again to correct this with the employee but you just can't fix stupid sometimes.

I need a bill to only be able to be finalized after a payment method has been selected whether it's cash, card, etc.

EDIT: I see in another post (here: https://community.lightspeedhq.com/en/discussion/772/why-do-i-have-quick-cash-on-my-reports) that by enabling "Only Finalize When 0" in the device settings quick cash is disabled but it adds another step (see other post), which I'm sure my employee will find a way to screw up. Is there no way to have to select a payment type before finalizing otherwise an error message appears?


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    Hi Colin,

    We have a new feature that just got released, called the new auto finalization logic, that actually takes care of this problem. When you press on cash, if you have ''only finalize when 0'' or not, the new payment screen looks like this:

    When you press on done, if you do not have ''auto finalize'' enabled, it brings you to this screen:

    Then you can simply finalize from here.

    You no longer have to press on cash twice to calculate the change due, the system does it automatically with the new feature.

    **This feature might not be enabled by default, so if your payment screen does not look like this, please specify the admin username of your account and I will enable it. It will be enabled by default for all accounts shortly.

    If you have further questions/concerns on this, feel free to call our 24/7 technical support line at 1-866-932-1801 ext.2 or send an email to [email protected]

    Warm regards,

    Catherine Desgroseilliers

    Product Specialist


    700 St-Antoine E, Suite 300, Montreal, QC H2Y 1A6, Canada


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    Admin user name is gary49(at)aol.com

    replace (at) with the @ symbol

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