Work Orders

I am wondering if there are many retailers that would benefit from an update to work order functionality. We are a specialty retailer in the uniform industry. 90% of our sales transactions have multiple items that can consist of some in stock, some special order and both of the in stock and special order items need alterations, embroidery, screen printing or some other form of customization. I think the work order option can allow for this but we need to be able to customize the status not only for the work order it self (as is currently the case) but also for each item on the work order that way we can mark an item that is done and picked up as such and an item that is still on order as on order and items that are getting embroidered as in embroidery.

The current work order allows for notes to be entered in each line item, which is excellent. Our staff can make notes as to what they did or if there was a need to contact the customer and get their approval for something. The one thing that is lacking is to be able to keep the notes from printing on customer receipts.


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