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Hi All,

I'm hoping that there might be someone out there who has figured out how to see your Online Pricing in Retail in mass? I can't find anywhere that I can export Online Pricing so I can change in mass for a sale.

And/Or is there a work around for exporting products from Retail ( for MSRP), and from Ecomm ( for Online Price) and then comparably lining up the two. I've thought about entering custom Skus and then sorting by Custom Sku in both exports BUT we also have items that are not published to Ecomm because of vendor rules.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • yvigeantyvigeant Member Posts: 30 ✭
    There aren't any ways to do this that I'm aware of. I've also tried to do the same and there doesn't seem to be a simple way.

    Retail wasn't built with eCom in mind and eCom wasn't build with Retail in mind, so it's probably going to take a long while before everything is perfectly integrated with all basic features one would need.
  • JLC1990JLC1990 Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 29 moderator
    Hey @alpenglowgear,

    There is a workaround that you could potentially use for this. If you go to Shop Setup, then to your Shop, under the pricing level, you can set your shop to the Online Price to have that price displayed in your searches. So if you need to export it, you can set it to Online price, export, then set it back to your default. If you would just like to view them, by setting it to the online price level, you would be able to use the inventory search and the Quick Edit Items section to see and change the information needed. I would advise that this be done outside of selling hours to ensure that the online price isnt used in actual sales.

    The bridge between the two are constantly being updated and improved. So it is possible that a better way comes up in the future. If you have any particular ideas or things you need, feel free to submit them to the ideas page.

    Hope this helps!

    Jordan L-C
    Lightspeed Retail Support
    Lightspeed HQ
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