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Sometimes when we use eCom to sell to customers in different areas of our state, or to different states entirely, we need to report on the amounts of taxes collected by state.

Analytics can make this a much easier process.

To begin, let's open up the Tax Collected report

When opened, we will see the breakdown of tax totals by day:

To add the State, let's open up the Customer Dimensions and Measures:

(located just to the left of the data)

and we'll open up the Address data points...

...then click on the word "State".

This will push the State field onto the data table, but it will be null at first

So let's click on the purple "Run" button in the top right hand corner...

Now we'll see the states

but we may see some duplicates because we're also looking at the day of the sale.

So to look only at state totals, let's hover over the "Sale Completed Date" field, click on the gear icon...

and select "Remove.

Then, when we run the report again

We will get the totals by state that we are looking for!

We can do the same for Zip code too. Clicking on Customer Zip:

Which will add the field to the table...

and then running the report one final time

We will get the complete results that we're looking for!

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