customizing the sales report

I have a client who's having trouble with his sales reports in LS Retail--specifically the "cost" column. He has three different sales outlets: brick & mortar stores, wholesale web, and retail web. The problem is that he's using "default cost" for his wholesale selling price, "Default" price for his retail price, and a third custom field for his actual cost.

He's happy with the reporting for his brick & mortar stores, but his reports for the wholesale web store are messed up because his cost is the same as his wholesale price (the retail web store is not live yet).

What's the smart way to help him sort this out? Basically he wants to use two different "costs"--one for the brick and mortar, and one for the web.

How should I help him configure his LS so that in his sales reports, "cost"=the wholesale price but for his web stores "cost"=his actual cost?

Is it possible to customize the report to do this? Or does he need to totally reconfigure the way he's using the lightspeed inventory cost fields?


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